Commonly Asked questions

Where is Avila Beach and what is it like?

Avila is a fun little beach town that is located 10 minutes from Pismo Beach and 15 minutes from San Luis Obispo. It is not located directly on Highway 1, but it is accessible from the Avila Beach Drive exit off the 101 Freeway/Highway 1. There are a few small hotels, Central Coast Aquarium, restaurants, Bob Jones Trail, RV camping, three piers, and of course, Avila Beach Paddlesports. The Avila Beach area is unique, scenic, and full of wildlife! Plus it has the best weather, averaging 10-15 degrees warmer than any other coastal town in SLO County.

Do I need to make a reservation?

Reservations ARE required for Adventure Tours. Please make your reservations for tours as early as possible. We keep our tours small and personal, so they do fill up quickly.

Reservations ARE NOT required for rentals. We mostly do walk-in rentals. People usually have so much fun, they stay on the water longer than they thought they would. This is why walk-ins are great! You can keep your gear as long as you like and pay for your time on the water! We hardly ever run out of kayaks or paddleboards to rent!

Where is Port San Luis?

Avila Beach Paddlesports is located in the Port San Luis Harbor Recreation Area. Port San Luis is part of Avila Beach and is located only 1 mile west of downtown Avila Beach. To access Port San Luis, continue west on Avila Beach Drive for 1 mile to where the road dead ends. Port San Luis is home to a bustling local fishing industry and you can even purchase fresh fish on the Harford Pier. Plus, there is RV camping, several delicious restaurants, free parking, and coin operated hot showers. Avila Beach Paddlesports is located directly on the water, across from the RV camping area. Parking is free.

What should I wear?

Yes, you will get at least a little bit wet. Sometimes you can get splashed and get even more wet. It is not comfortable or safe to kayak or paddleboard wearing jeans, cotton bottoms, or heavy sweatshirts. Cotton gets heavy and cold when it gets wet. Most people are comfortable wearing legging or swim trunks with a light windbreaker type of jacket. In the summer, most people just wear their bathing suits—it’s often that sunny and warm! If you’re worried about being cold, ABP has really nice wetsuit rentals for only $5. Sandals or watershoes are great to walk to the lighthouse.

Can I visit the Point San Luis Lighthouse?

Of course! The Point San Luis Lighthouse is an important part of our local history. The property is part of the Port San Luis Harbor District, so it is a public park that is open from sunrise to sunset. The grounds are maintained and open for the public to visit. There are restrooms, water fountains, informational kiosks, and some of the best views on the coast. The only way to get to the public beach access point is by kayak or paddleboard. It is only a 20 minute paddle from Avila Beach Paddlesports and a 5 minute walk up a paved road. Staff can give you directions.

Should I bring my phone?

Of course! It’s smart to have a phone with you anytime you’re on an adventure. Plus, you’ll definitely want to take photos. There’s a good chance you will get wet! Remember: waterproof phones DON’T FLOAT! Please make sure your phone is protected and you have a way to secure it doesn’t sink if you drop it. If you don’t have your own, floating phone cases with neck lanyards are available for purchase for only $10.

Minimum Age? Kids ages 7+( with an adult)

Do I have to know how to swim? YES!